Christie Hunts for Patriot Act Heretics

In pursuit of heretics and dissenters, Chris Christie declared on a morning news broadcast that Rand Paul “should be in front of hearings and in front of Congress if there is another attack, not the director of the FBI or


The Appearance of Corruption, Clinton and the Democratic Party

Hillary Clinton demonstrates that limiting campaign contributions, in an overbroad attempt to curb corruption and a misguided attempt to limit the appearance of corruption, fails to seriously address and recognize the reality of politics and the danger of government power.  For



What Does a National Defense Moderate Look Like? Rand Paul?

[Caption: Explosion Noise] A Moderate Position on National Defense is the Balance Between the Desire for Peace and the Necessity of Defense.   In a party that is particularly hawkish – known for strong stances on foreign policy, national defense,

Science and Skepticism: A Defense of Politically Incorrect Science

As crucial to science as methodology, skepticism should be embraced not stifled. Recent inquiries from Congressional representatives on dissenting views regarding climate change reminded me of an experience I had while an undergraduate. In an effort to fulfill the requirements

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