Gun study highlights common problems in analyzing gun benefits

The Hill has posted a short article highlighting a recent study on gun deaths in the United States researched by the Violence Policy Center (VPC).  The Hill summarizes: According to the study, gun owners committed 259 justifiable homicides compared to

Why Libertarians and Conservatives Hesitate on Climate Change

Ignoring the long-term and immediate benefits of low-cost energy in climate change advocacy has played a substantial role in why conservatives and libertarians have hesitated to accept the premise of climate change. Jonathan Adler,  a legal scholar I respect and with whom I share similar views,

Equality No Matter the Road: Too Much Parental Care

Equality above all else reads like an intentionally absurd dystopic novel. As if the short story “Harrison Bergeron” had come to life, two British philosophers, Adam Swift and Harry Brighouse,  ‘philosophize’ on the unfair advantages bestowed by loving parents. In order

Toasters and Campaign Finance Law

Those most hurt by campaign finance laws are the tax payers whose funds are appropriated by incumbents to garner votes and challengers up against the power of government wielded by incumbents. Whatever happened to that fun little toaster perk that

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